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‘My head is melted’ video

Suicide prevention help and support Lighthouse has launched their ‘Melted’ DVD that is about a depressed young male, who feels low and has lost interest in a lot of things, finds it hard to sleep and wants to be alone. He is unable to talk with friends or family but seeks help to feel better and enjoy life again. This video shows that taking the first step to get help will allow you to get back on the mend.

If you are feeling low or depressed through teen bullying, family and relationship issues or recently bereaved, talk with someone who can help. A network of support is also available by suicide prevention organisations and suicide help groups in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Ways to prevent suicide

There will never be a list of how to prevent suicide, but these points can help you:

  • Talk to the person
  • Take time to listen
  • Find out what you like and do more of it (e.g. walking, football, talking to friends)
  • If you are feeling crap don’t just go to your room, mix with people. Put on a cup of tea, sit in the front room — keep busy and active

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