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If you, or a close friend / family member, are having suicidal thoughts please speak to someone. Lighthouse can help from 8.30am to 5.30pm on Monday to Friday so contact Lighthouse during this time.

If you are viewing this page out of our office hours then contact Lifeline on 0808 808 8000.

Suicidal help

Feeling suicidal does not mean you have a weak character. In fact, asking for help takes a lot of strength.

(Help Guide) offer some practical advice on what to do if you have suicidal thoughts. They advise, in summary, to avoid doing anything right now — talk to someone first. Stay away from alcohol and drugs because they have negative long-term effects, for example, feeling depressed and/or anxious.

Talking to somebody doesn’t have to be a specific person, it just needs to be someone you can trust. It could be a:

  • friend,
  • partner,
  • family member,
  • colleague,
  • tutor,
  • supervisor,
  • counsellor,
  • practice nurse,
  • doctor
  • or a helpline.

At Lighthouse we are here to help you get the support and advice you need on issues relating to self harm, suicide, bereavement or feeling down. Take the first step by contacting Lighthouse today.

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