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Lighthouse Belfast

Lighthouse, a suicide prevention charity in North Belfast, supports those who have been bereaved through suicide and we are committed to providing support services to families who have lost loved ones and for individuals who are in crisis. Initially established in 2003 as a community response to a community problem (the exceptionally high incidence of suicide in North Belfast) Lighthouse has undergone various stages of growth and change; however, the core purpose of the organisation remains unchanged.

Suicide prevention, Northern Ireland

If you are having suicidal thoughts you can contact a member of Lighthouse staff. We are here to help you through your difficult time. Lighthouse also see people in crisis, so if you are feeling that life is not worth living please come in a talk to us. We are here to help you. Lighthouse’s address can save your (or your friends) life. Talking really does help; we know this because we have helped a lot of people who thought life was too tough.

Lighthouse aims to be a beacon of hope for all of those within Belfast and the surrounding areas. We have a great team of staff offering all sorts of different talents: Lighthouse know that no two people are the same so this is way we have a diverse team who work to prevent suicide.

Lighthouses’ Privacy Policy outlines how we use information for our website, you can read it anytime.

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